For over a decade we were the only Settling in Specialists in the London scene helping executives and families relocating from overseas.
From new home organisation to setting London as your place of business, LondonBGM provides the support you need to hit the ground running.

Settling into a new home

We know this city inside & out, and with our own curiosity, fascination and awe, we have learned many aspects of living in London that locals take for granted.

Collectively we speak 5 languages and have first-hand experience of what an international relocation entails. Both logistically and emotionally we completely relate to our clients on their journey ahead. Our team will be your driving instructor for life in the UK, and the compass to guide your next steps and most immediate decisions with genuine care for how well you settle in.

London BGM - New Home
London BGM - GUIDANCE New Home

New to London

We work with private clients, corporate HR departments and business owners when moving into the city.

We advise and support professionals moving to London, either on their own or with their families, providing extensive assistance pre, during & post relocating, guiding them on all aspects of living and working in a fast-paced city like London within the context of what the UK has to offer.


Establishing a new business

We have successfully run businesses in London for over 10 years, belong to various networking groups and professional bodies, and have  been part of lobbyist movements advocating for the Home Businesses scene.  

If you are thinking of moving to the city or setting up a new business endeavour, we would love to assist you and become your Cicerone.

London BGM - Guidance - New Business

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