Departure from London to New Zealand & USA

Project Scope

Coordinating all aspects for the closure of UHNW client’s life in London as permanently based abroad post Covid pandemic


Project duration from initial call to finish – 10 weeks

Services provided

  • Our client was based 13 hours ahead of London and our team worked closely with them, their corporate global mobility manager, PA and property manager to coordinate the departure from their London rented residence and ship their high value art collection, extensive fine wine collection, couture wardrobe and grand piano.
  • Read thoroughly their check in inventory to understand and negotiate with landlord and agent which of the many home improvements were due to stay or need removing all together.
  • Sourced and overseeing third party contractors:  redecoration, removing extra wardrobes fittings, sourcing new wardrobe doors and charity donations for unwanted items.
  • During moving week, our team were on site coordinating the moving crew, private security teams and contractors, whilst ensuring all couture pieces were packed safely according to their size and various international destinations - this included packing designer handbags and shoes for extra protection. They also arranged a wine expert to assess and pack the wine collection ready for customs.
  • Attending various visits to make sure all contractors and the specialist clean would reach landlord’s complete satisfaction
  • Attending the check-out inventory appointment to ensure the property would be returned per the tenancy agreement.

Clients comments