Business growth | Business size- Sole trader into a Limited company

Project Scope

Analyse areas of improvement and legal compliance to prepare the business for transitioning into a limited company. Marketing and PR actions linked to the growth potential, new workforce hires, new systems and procedures and implement new software solutions.


From initial assessment to launch – 4 months

Services provided

  • Weekly walk & talks to discuss certain aspects of running a busines, evaluate the motivation the business owner had behind moving into limited company structure, what areas she wanted to be involved and which ones will need delegation
  • Discussion for a business plan skeleton
  • Creation of legal documents to cover – NDA’s for 3rd parties, contract of services for contractors, T&Bs and client’s acceptance orders forms.
  • Definition of the key job descriptions for the new company structure
  • Interviewed and hired of an EA to assist the MD with the extra demands the business growth was bringing
  • Streamlined finance processes and automatization of payments